March Madness Sale! 20% off anything in the website!

Duration: From 3/9/2015 to until midnight 3/22/2015. 

Coupon Code: salsa

Just enter the coupon code word (salsa) and enjoy a 20% discount. On the “Salsa Classics” section that means that your can acquire a full arrangement of Broken Slide for $18.75 each. Please read the next paragraph for more instructions about downloads. For any further questions, please go to our contact section and call or send us an email. We are here to serve you. Enjoy your music! 

The biggest challenge we have with the new site is the actual download link after we have approved the purchase.. When you get the link please download the chart or charts onto the computer and save them in a place where you can find them. Once on your computer you can open them as often as you want and print them out. Once you have opened the link and looked at the charts you can’t go back and reopen it to print. This  forces us to email them to you. When you need your music quickly this can be problematic as Terry is on the West Coast and gigs alot. He gets to them as quick as he can but…..that might not be quick enough for your needs. So again when you get the link download the music right away and know where it had been downloaded to. This will make us all much happier!!!!



Northwest Panman

Northwest Panman is Terry’s solo steel pan act. He performs all over the country and now resides in the Portland Oregon area. Click on the picture to get more promotional materials on him or call 321-228-7039 for Bookings. Also check out his new site


Terry and Harry can put together all sorts of different Jazz, Caribbean, Latin and Brass groups. Send us an email or give us a call at 321-228-7039 to see how we can make your event a memorable one