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Estamos celebrando la semana de “Black Friday” con nuestra venta de mitad de precio. Todos los arreglos en nuestra pagina estan a 50% de su precio original de $25.00. No se dejen engañar, no solo tenemos la selección mas numerosa de arreglos, estilos, generos y artistas en el net, sino que nuestros arreglos son limpios y fieles a las grabaciones. Desde el 20 de Noviembre 2017 al 27 de Noviembre, pueden ser parte de nuestra promoción. Al finalizar su compra, use el code: pavo para recibir su descuento en la partitura. Asegurese de leer la descripcion en cada selección puesto que describe la combinacion que usted esta adquiriendo. Por cada 5 partituras que usted compre, le regalamos 1, de cada 10, le regalamos 3. Esto solo durante esta promoción. Vengan y exploren por estilo, artista, banda o nombre de la cancion. Ademas de Salsa, explore nuestras secciones de Cumbia, Merengue, Boleros y demás. Bienvenido al mundo de Broken Slide Music. Todos los detalles de la venta en

Broken Slide, Venta de Partituras de Salsa/ Latin

Broken Slide esta en el medio de su venta de Black Friday. Ademas de sus arreglos de Banda de Concierto, Marcha y partituras de trombon y quinteto de brass, tenemos una extensa colección de Partituras, arreglos y transcripciones para bandas de salsa y musica latina (Latin Music). Como parte de esta venta de 50% de su precio original de $25.00 (ahora $12.50, hasta el 27 de Noviembre del 2017) estamos regalando partituras. Por cada orden de 5 arreglos, le enviamos una (1) transcripcion de parte de nuestra administración, escogido por nuestro staff. Lo mismo en orden de 10 partituras, en la cual su regalo seré de tres (3) arreglos gratis escogidos por nuestro staff. Los detalles estan en nuestra pagina de . Venga y explore por banda, estilo, artista o cancion entre miles de selecciones. Todos nuestros arreglos son limpios, fieles a las grabaciones originales, generados por computadora y en formato .pdf, listos para printear. Explore el mundo de musica latina entre Plenas, Boleros, Bachatas, Cha-cha, Cumbia, Merengue y demás y aproveche nuestra venta especial de “Black Friday”. De parte de nuestro staff en Broken Slide, gracias por permitir que en estos ultimos 12 años que nos convirtieramos en el tope de su preferencia. Esperamos servirles por muchos años más.

Broken Slide Music 50% off arrangements Sale!


Starting on Monday the 20th through the 27th of November, Broken Slide Music lower all products on the website to 50% off, that is the very well expected Black Friday sale event, on which you can get your transcriptions and arrangements of salsa band music from your favorite interpreters for a fraction of what they were produced in the beginning. Instead of paying full price, or $25.00 per arrangement, you pay just a fraction, that is complete with horns, bass, piano and in many cases, percussion papers. That comes with the peace of mind of getting the cleanest charts in the internet today, as well as a top customer support and the largest selection to choose from (thousands of selections). For a short time you get all this for half the price, ($12.50). No subscription or signup necessary, just choose music, add to cart, checkout, put the coupon code pavo at checkout,  purchase and wait for your arrangements to be sent to your email.

Terry Baber is the CEO for this great company, make sure to read the “about us” section if you want to know more about how we came about this concept. Also, you will find all the purchase information that you may need at the blogs, as well as how the whole thing happens when you purchase and all the contact information if you need assistance. The categories are conveniently placed at the right portion of the home page, as well as a search bar on the right top of the home page information. Just write in your favorite artist, or band, or song and our fast database will find it for you. If we don’t have it , we have a staff of arrangers, a handy resource that we can tap into to get you the music that you need for your next engagement. Go to our page of to start your shopping experience.Broken Slide Music sale

Enjoy your searching and shopping experience with us and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Purchasing Information

For clean, accurate salsa band transcriptions, come to out website. Search our selections to get your full 4 horn, rhythm section (with percussion in most cases) arrangements from thousands of songs to choose from. You will not believe the clarity and the price. While we boast of the cleanest, easier to sight read charts in the internet, we also have the best prices, you have to come and see for yourself the vast selection and quality of our work. Our staff of qualified arrangers are ready to help you attain the musical selections that you need. For “emergency” music, there is a modest fee, for the most part, our salsa charts are currently $25.00 and count with everything before mentioned. You can call us for modifications on this music after the purchase. Discover the world that Broken Slide Music has at your fingertips and enjoy the easy shopping experience!

How and what to search

Our search bar is conveniently located at the right corner of the site. You can search for artist, band or song. Each song page counts with a description, that is important since you may want to compare the combinations we offer with the combination that satisfies your group needs. An mp3 file is usually located near of below the sample page. This will allow you to see as well as to listen to the selection you are intending to purchase, as some songs may have the same title but come from different bands. (Example: “Timbalero” from el Gran Combo or “Timbalero” from Sonora Ponceña.

How to purchase

Just like Ebay or Amazon, press the “Add to cart” button and follow the directions. You can pay with either PayPal, Visa or MasterCard. Make sure that you fill out your correct email in the information form since the arrangements will be sent to that email address once purchased. Allow a couple of hours for approval of payment and delivery to your email PDF files.



Purchasing and Special events

For sales: The announcement will look something like the one below:

Black Friday sale Duration: From 11/23/2015 to until midnight ?.

(It will tell you the duration of the sale)


Coupon Code: turkey (Example of the last code word we had)

(The code word that you have to insert at the time of purchase, and the instructions below)


The biggest challenge we have with the new site is the actual download link after we have approved the purchase.. When you get the link please download the chart or charts onto the computer and save them in a place where you can find them. Once on your computer you can open them as often as you want and print them out. Once you have opened the link and looked at the charts you can’t go back and reopen it to print. This  forces us to email them to you. When you need your music quickly this can be problematic as Terry is on the West Coast and gigs alot. He gets to them as quick as he can but…..that might not be quick enough for your needs. So again when you get the link download the music right away and know where it had been downloaded to. This will make us all much happier!!!!


Northwest Panman

Northwest Panman is Terry’s solo steel pan act. He performs all over the country and now resides in the Portland Oregon area. Click on the picture to get more promotional materials on him or call 321-228-7039 for Bookings. Also check out his new site


Terry and Harry can put together all sorts of different Jazz, Caribbean, Latin and Brass groups. Send us an email or give us a call at 321-228-7039 to see how we can make your event a memorable one